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If mascara is just not doing it for you anymore, but you’re not ready for the hassle and price tag of going to a salon, Loren's Beauty is here to save the day. Whether you want to go for a natural everyday look or a dramatic look for a special event, I have a range of lashes to cover your every need. Get in touch now through the form below to learn more.

Quality Products

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and so do lashes. I offer a wide variety of first quality products of all lengths, curls, and thicknesses, both for individual lashes and for sets. Choose a big curl if you want to look fresh and awake, or a crisscrossed design for a big night out. All of them are so soft and lightweight that you’ll forget they’re there.

Safe, Flawless, and Long-Lasting

I get it, putting glue near your eyeballs can be intimidating. But I can assure you that the glue in my eyelashes is entirely safe while strong enough to hold them in place. If you want them to last longer, get in touch, and I will give you pro tips to put them in flawlessly, and aftercare instructions to keep them in place.


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